Our job is to provide our clients with a reliable and scalable source of quality new customer sales leads. The engine we use to generate these leads is radio.

We are one of the largest independent owners of network radio inventory in the country, buying multi-million dollar blocks of time years in advance. This inventory provides not only locked-in prices but is guaranteed inventory so our client’s calls are not disrupted. This risk we take gives our clients a proven direct response asset with consistent profitable returns when and where they need it without making large upfront commitments of their own.

Our owned network time is just one distribution element we make use of however. Through our large and varied client base (with a wide variety of needs, targets and goals) we have millions of dollars in the marketplace at any given time. Direct response is a business of constant testing, measuring and adjusting. In order to optimize results for our vast range of campaigns we utilize every available radio asset.  From our owned network time and local spot buys to satellite, network programming and streaming; you name it and we are using it for our clients.

Local, regional or national…mass market or niche…no matter who (or where) your target customers are, we have the ability to connect with them and move them to act on your message.

Our approach is not one size fits all. Every campaign we engage in is unique and requires planning, strategy and tight execution. Regardless of the structure of the campaign, we utilize our deep expertise and tremendous buying power in the medium of radio to deliver on our client’s needs.

BMG Performance Model

As the leading performance based radio group in the country we put our money where our mouth is – buying tens of millions of dollars in radio time at our risk and making the time available to clients on a performance basis.

Our clients win three ways in this model….quality leads from quality cash buys…scalability & targetability…all with a fixed cost per call/lead.

Here’s how our performance model works:


Branded Response

More than ever we are finding clients seeking a fusion approach to traditional direct response methodologies…the need to build and enhance key brand messaging and attributes while simultaneously driving measurable and profitable new customer acquisition.

 Sample spot.

Retail Support

Radio has always been a tremendous retail support channel. Whether it’s national and mass market or local and targeted, radio has the ability to reach consumers on the go…right time, right place, right message…and increase retail sales

Sample spot.

Live Read / Host Endorsement

One of the best ways to really connect a product or service with the target consumer is to align with key local or national on air hosts. Having on air talent read a script or endorse a product brings instant credibility and makes that key emotional connection with listeners.

Sample spot.