Everything we do at Barrington Media Group is viewed through the lens of new customer acquisition. 

Results are what we do best here…and results for us means helping our clients acquire new customers. At the end of the day, the only relevant question is “did we generate great results for our clients…did we put points on the board?”

Yes we are a direct response media agency, but media is just one piece of the puzzle for us. We have spent years putting the right people and systems in place that allow us to provide our clients with what they really want…a lead generation/new customer acquisition platform that is reliable, scalable and profitable.

We use all of the assets at our disposal…our expertise, media ownership, relationships, years of experience, intelligence, data, creativity, collaboration…to dig in and get it done.  While our methodologies and systems are complex, our guiding philosophy is simple…deliver consistent, measurable, profitable results for our clients. By working hard and staying focused on results day in and day out, we help our clients grow their businesses.