Numbers never lie.

That’s why we love this business so much. Every hour of every day we monitor results. We look at the numbers closely and analyze results constantly. We let our systems and people do what they do best. We make progress and improvements each and every day to help our clients reach their goals. It’s all well planned, all trackable and all part of our ongoing optimization process.

BMG Analytics & Systems

We have a large team of in-house analysts here who specialize in monitoring, managing and optimizing our campaigns. These team members are a critical part of our business model and the reason we are able to deliver such consistent results for our clients (they know much more than just their way around an excel spreadsheet). From day part or spot analysis to conversion ratios to lead volume projections, the BMG analysts are the backbone of the BMG model.

The analysts work with our internal buying and tracking systems, which allow them to closely monitor and evaluate media and response rates on a real time basis.